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I woke up early this morning. I slept good so I just stayed in bed till the alarm made it's job. First thing I took my computer to watch the weather forecast, something I've learned to do (almost) every morning.

A chat window was open, some urgent message was written for me: "Please find monday's Metro... It's so important".

I searched a little bit on internet and found what she sent to be published:

We broke up a month ago, she left Toronto last Saturday and that note was her epilogue to our relationship, on the local (and free) newspaper. I had that newspaper in my hands, I solved Sudoku! I din't read anything else in that page...

I really had good times with her. We were together for a long time. She's an excellent girl, we were happy... 

Japonesita, I know you are reading this, please be happy too! I hope you can find what you are looking for... I hope to find it too... ¡Besos!